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Scattered Rollers is a Dungeons & Dragons Live Stream featuring players from around the world who with the guidance of their DM (Dungeon Master) try to defeat the Big Bad Evil Guys (BBEG) Make sure to Follow for updates, showtimes and random adventures. And as always....We'll Get To That!


What Is Scattered Rollers?

Scattered Rollers is a group of individuals from the continental U.S as well as other parts of the world that play Dungeons & Dragons live on twitch.tv every Wednesday @ 8pm EST.

How Did This All Start?

A year after playing over discord we decided it was time to see what we all looked like. After we sat there for hours smiling and laughing we decided that we would try to go live and see where it would take it. We all agreed the comfort of others came above the stream, we all love what we do and how we do it.

What Time Do You All Play Live?
We play Dungeons & Dragons live on twitch.tv every Wednesday @ 9pm EST.
What Edition Of Dungeons And Dragons Are You Playing?

We play 5th edition dungeons & dragons using the tal’dorel campaign guide. This is popularly known as the campaign 1 that critical role team and Matt M DMed

Are There Any Special Rules/Mods?

The house rules are as follows!

1. No player Characters are evil

2. We do not use spell slots, but we still follow the spell levels.

3. Regarding death saving throws, if you roll a Natural 20 it will stabilize the character at 1HP but a Natural 1 will kill/flatline your character.

4. If a player deals significant damage hey will roll to see if they can kill the enemy in one shot (does not apply to boss battles)

We utilize a few homebrew rules when it comes to spells, and the act of casting them. All rules apply to the Player Characters, as well as any (aligned or enemy) NPCs involved in the game.

• Spell Slots have been eliminated from this game... but overusing or abusing this rule could cause detrimental effects, including: gaining a point of exhaustion, receiving a debuff to all skills, or having the enemies also spam the same spell repeatedly.

What Is Scattered Questions?
Scattered Questions is a live talk show that airs Tuesdays @ 8pm EST hosted by Emma which features cast/guest from the most recent episode of scattered rollers
What Happens If A Character Perishes To A Big Bad Evil Guy?
If a character dies the player will then create a new character and the perished character will be placed in the Hall Of Fame.
What's The Purpose Of The Guest Stars? Can I Be A Guest Star?
Scattered Rollers always appreciates any player regardless of experience in Dungeons & Dragons. We encourage all to submit a character to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to come on the show and play with us! you will be notified if you've been selected
Are There Giveaways?
Yes! We will be doing a giveaway every second week. It will be a surprise to what it is so stay tuned!

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